We had an excellent Christmas party and baby shower with extended family. The girl got lots of wonderful gifts, along with our son too! It was great to see as much family as possible. We got back from the farm on Saturday night, and started Sunday off with a third round of Christmas presents for… Read More

It’s Christmas! We are all sort of surprised it’s actually here, after not only the usual build up, but knowing we’d have a Christmas baby since early May. Feels like this day has been a long time coming, to say the least. Here are some Christmas day pictures in no particular order, since I’m uploading… Read More

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we looked out the window mid morning on Christmas Eve! The perfect soft snowfall came just in time for the season. Our little guy is having a lot of fun making snowballs and “sledding” down the ramp on the back deck. A snowman was attempted, though interest waned halfway… Read More

They tell you, when you start a blog, to have a plan. Your audience should be clear, your elevator pitch at the ready, your first three weeks of posts written, and an outline detailing your topics complete. You will have networked with other bloggers in your subject matter. You will make announcements on social media… Read More