I’m sitting here typing while the baby is napping and my preschooler is having a quiet time. There is a perfectly moody scene out our window, with darkened bare trees sketching veined lines across the silvery sky. Thunder rumbles ominously and the clouds suddenly open up, releasing a heavy shower that turns my view into… Read More

laptop and coffee love

When I saw the the topic for Wednesday’s linkup from Shay and Erica*, I was excited in a way that only a blogger can be. I couldn’t wait to share a little of what works for me, and (especially) read about what works for everyone else!     I’m part of the small group of… Read More

My reading for February was altogether different from January. That’s because I only finished one book. I’m just as outraged, Derek. The book I read was short. But I’d like to ask for extra credit because mainly I was devouring a 1,168-page saga/trilogy compiled into a single book, but before I could finish it, my… Read More

This past weekend was partially very nice and partially exhausting. We had a couple of fantastic days gallivanting about and enjoying some record high temperatures. Then sickness hit the baby. Then I had a reaction to a medication I started (and have since stopped) that caused me to be OUT OF IT on Sunday. Don’t… Read More