I’m the first to admit that a lot of times things don’t go as planned with little ones, and dinner is a bit of an afterthought. That’s why I like to plan my meals out ahead of time…and in our family, there’s a Mexican meal on the table about once a week. I don’t know… Read More

We have a saying in my family: The kids don’t sleep at the farm. This has been our experience since Sylvie was a newborn. She was too excited, too wide-eyed, too aware of her different surroundings at my parent’s home to sleep. The farm is exciting! Between some trial and error, my husband figured out… Read More

It’s Friday, but things are a little different around here. My husband’s grandfather passed away. Ry’s on a plane right now, traveling to see his family and say goodbye, while the kids (who never met their great-granddad) and I are staying 1,000 miles behind with my parents. It’s a sad time, but a great time… Read More

A perfectly clean sink. A pair of comfy slippers. A gentle Spring breeze. Sometimes, ladies, the wholesome, simple pleasures of this life just won’t do. Sometimes you need guilty pleasures. Well, I’m sharing all about mine as part of Andrea’s Show and Tell Tuesday, mostly in hopes that you’ll do the same. This is a… Read More

We had just finished a delicious breakfast. Our 19-month-old, Sylvie, was playing in the living room, Kai and daddy were looking at Legos, and I was cleaning up our dishes. I had been laughing about something Kai said when I realized Sylvie was too quiet. We moms have this experience pretty much every day. I… Read More