Hi there, friend! Welcome to Fantastically Four. Here’s a bit about me and how this blog came to be. And how I accidentally rhyme and then point it out and then laugh awkwardly.

I’m a stay-at-home-mom to two little kiddos, Kai (age four) and Sylvie (age one), and have been married to the best man in the history of men for more than 15 years. He goes by “Ry” on the blog.

We are proud Iowa residents who love things like fishing, hiking, farming, and a good Dutch bakery. We live in a small rural town and we like to visit my parents’ farm a few times a month.

My parenting journey has been normally abnormal, just like yours. Ry and I started to grow our family after 13 years of marriage and now have two kiddos who keep me on my toes at all times. They are the light of my life and the reason I’m wearing that messy mom bun.

I’m a believer who needs Jesus every single day, and I love to share grace and encouragement with others, which is one of the reasons I started this blog.

Before this, I was using my surprisingly helpful English degree for blogging as early as 2007. The blog I began was a niche blog about baby names that lead to my freelance work and a book. It was quite a ride, but what I really wanted was the chance to write about a wider range of topics. I decided to dive in after Sylvie turned one and we made it past a few hurdles. I knew I wanted to write for other women and moms who could learn from my mistakes and use a little encouragement.

I’ve never been happier or felt better about where I’m at in life, at home with my kiddos, taking on the biggest ministry and hardest work I’ll ever know. God makes sure to keep things light around here, with tons of gleefully silly moments and a few disgusting ones to round out the experience.

A good place to read some of our story as a family is our 2016 in review. Or, you can read even more about me if you want answers to questions like what turns me into Judy Grimes or why I always carry lip gloss.

I’m thankful you’re here.

I hope you are encouraged and entertained every time you come by. If you’re looking for a jumping off point, start here. And please feel free to drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you, for any reason (except any gross/illegal/terrifying ones).