Does Andrea nail it when she comes up with these ideas, or what? (Yes, yes, she does.) Today I’m joining a bunch of other bloggers in discussing the uncensored contents of our purses. I’m a little sad to report that my purse isn’t as messy as usual. I got a new one last month and… Read More

A few months ago, I mentioned that I joined a box swap for moms. It’s called the Mom Love Fellowship Exchange, and it’s awesome! The idea for the summer version is that from June to August, the person you’re paired with writes you a few notes or letters (one a month because we’re all so… Read More

Fall Scene

What would a best day look like for parents of a preschooler and a toddler? You’re about to find out. Today I’m joining Andrea’s Show and Tell Tuesday to talk about what we’d wish for on a perfect day. I could probably put us all in Hawaii or something, but I thought I’d go with something… Read More

We have a saying in my family: The kids don’t sleep at the farm. This has been our experience since Sylvie was a newborn. She was too excited, too wide-eyed, too aware of her different surroundings at my parent’s home to sleep. The farm is exciting! Between some trial and error, my husband figured out… Read More

It’s Friday, but things are a little different around here. My husband’s grandfather passed away. Ry’s on a plane right now, traveling to see his family and say goodbye, while the kids (who never met their great-granddad) and I are staying 1,000 miles behind with my parents. It’s a sad time, but a great time… Read More