Today I’m joining the Workin’ it Wednesday linkup from Shay and Erica to share a weekend in our life! There’s no such thing as a typical weekend for us, and this one qualifies. Saturday Even though we were staying home, there was a lot of excitement as soon as Saturday hit. Daddy and the kids watched a crew… Read More

I’m old at heart. I can’t wait for the day I’m in some retirement community, eating pudding and playing bingo. I like to say things like “Land’s sakes!” and complain about how potato chip bags are shrinking and how when I was a kid, you could get a gallon of gas for under a dollar.… Read More

I’m slowly learning a few things: Summertime means staying up late and (hopefully) sleeping in. Summertime means a sort of unscheduled busyness that is more stressful for me than the scheduled busyness of fall and winter. It’s okay to miss some things on your bucket list in favor of sanity. Summertime is a great time… Read More

Almost everything I know about laundry, I learned from my mom. And in some circles, (okay, mostly among myself and my mother-in-law), she is known as the Queen of Laundry. When I sat down with her to gather all our best laundry tips, she was pretty humble about it all. She tried to argue. “Oh,… Read More

Another month has gone by, and that means it’s time for my monthly book review (no spoilers)! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite posts of the month…I especially love how this fuels me to read a little something when I can. I didn’t always call myself a reader or book lover, but a… Read More