We’re moms, and we’re busy. I don’t even need to know what that looks like for you. Maybe you’re driving your kids around to everything from school to sports to appointments and feel depleted at the end of the day. Maybe your child has medical or developmental needs that are often overwhelming. Maybe you have… Read More

My son is growing in his faith, but he’s always been a little hesitant to show it in prayer. My husband and I put our heads together, and decided to teach him a prayer that he could memorize and say before meals. We also pray together before bedtime, and Kai has started to add his… Read More

I’m so glad this month’s Girl Chat is all about our staples for the summer. It turns out I’m not very organized about getting ready for the season, so thinking through my list of what we need every year was actually really helpful! I’ll be referring back to this post every spring. 🙂 In case you’re… Read More

It’s my first time taking part in What’s Up Wednesday, brought to you by  Mel, Sheaffer and Shay. For those new to this link up, inspiration for this post covers a whole lot of ground… Hold on to your hats. What We’re Eating This Week This week we’re having a lot of quick, easy family… Read More

My family just had an excellent staycation. We were lucky enough for my husband’s parents and siblings to visit us so that we could vacation from home. And I highly recommend it, especially for: those of you who want to save some money and eliminate costs like flights and hotel stays people who can’t travel… Read More