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Grab a warm drink and get comfy, because today is all about how making our homes cozy for fall and winter. This might just be my favorite link-up topic ever. Today I’m joining Shay and a lot of YOU to talk about how to create a cozy atmosphere in your home.




crockpot filled with apples, orange peel, cinnamon, and clove

Ladies, grab your crock pot (a little one is perfect for this), and put some of the following things in it:

  • a cinnamon stick
  • apple slices
    This is the most important ingredient in my book. Cooked apples smell SO wonderful.
  • water
  • a little apple juice
  • whole cloves
  • orange peel
  • poured-out bag of chai tea
  • pumpkin pie spice
  • vanilla
  • essential oils: Theives, cinnamon, clove, orange, and/or nutmeg
  • anything else you’d like

Let it simmer all day and HOLY COW, you will love how your home smells!

Other favorite ways to scent my home include diffusing essential oils and using natural candles. Speaking of candles…

Fire, Candles, Dim Lighting

Coziness and soft lighting just go hand in hand.

You can’t beat the warmth of a fire, but if you don’t have a fireplace, I’ve got you covered. Just search Netflix for fireplace or grab a digital fire for yourself and voila!

I also love a flickering candle, but I tend to lean toward fake on this one too. These candles were a gift from my mom-in-law, and they are so pretty and look very realistic!

Instead of overhead lighting, try turning on your lamps. And, of course, get some twinkle lights going during the holidays. Here’s a picture of some of last year’s Christmas decorations. Sometimes you just have to work around the DVD player, know what I mean?


Christmas Decorations



A few great throws are a big part of what makes our home feel cozy in the fall and winter. Basically, anytime we are relaxing, we’re going to be under a warm blanket. They are a great way to decorate, and a good thing to offer to guests as well. We have a throw from Walmart, one from a nice boutique, and one that’s a gift. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, you just can’t go wrong with some soft throws!


Reading Material for All Ages

Better Homes and Gardens: October 2017


If you want to be cozy, you’re going to need some nice reading material. What that means to each person will be different, whether it’s a magazine, a novel, the Bible, or maybe even a book of poems. I love having a little bit of everything on hand (check out my book reviews here!), but what I’ve found is really important is having some great books for my kids at the ready. There’s nothing better than snuggling up with my kids and reading!




headphones and coffee

I love having a little something playing in the background! Here are my top choices for “cozy” music:

  1. Christmas music
  2. Piano solos
  3. Standards
  4. Acoustic
  5. Worship music



A Day in the Life: me and COFFEE

ALL THE HOT DRINKS, PLEASE! Here are my favorites…

  1. Spiced Chai
  2. Hot chocolate
  3. Apple cider
  4. Coffee
  5. Egg Nog (this one may not be hot, but it’s cozy!)


Soups and Slow Cooker Meals


There may be nothing I love more than eating soup on a snowy evening with my family. It doesn’t hurt that a simmering soup of any kind smells delicious!


Baking Breads and Cookies

Baking a sweet bread with my kids is one of my favorite cozy activities. It makes the house warm, it smells wonderful, and it takes care of breakfast and/or dessert. But cookies are even more of a special treat and are perfect for the holidays–or just a Saturday. Both my kiddos just love helping in the kitchen!



I had to say it–There’s nothing cozier than the warmth of enjoying my family and appreciating what I have. Cuddling up as a family is definitely one of my favorite ways to stay comfy all year. 🙂


How do you make your home cozy?

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