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Loving Your Small Beginning

My two-year-old daughter, Sylvie, refuses to say the number one. She first learned to count during our games of hide-and-seek by covering her eyes and repeating the number three: “fwee, fwee, FWEE.” Then at Christmas, my sister Amanda taught her to say the number two. There was some serious celebrating! But Sylvie’s discerning sensibilities stopped […] Read more…

How to Be Courageous

The season of fires glowing in our hearths and candles flickering on our tabletops is here, and my one-year-old daughter really wanted to participate. That must be why she started a small fire for me while I was going to the bathroom. She probably wanted me to feel cozy and ready for Fall, so she […] Read more…

my kiddo climbing a ladder at the playground

How to Move Toward Gratitude

In case I haven’t shared this statement enough, FALL IS HERE, and I’m loving it! It’s the season for all things pumpkin, for changing leaves, for scarves, mugs, and apple pie, for bonfires and football and candles. As a country girl, I’m also particularly aware that fall is harvest season, and that this time of […] Read more…

Listening to Your Intuition

We had just finished a delicious breakfast. Our 19-month-old, Sylvie, was playing in the living room, Kai and daddy were looking at Legos, and I was cleaning up our dishes. I had been laughing about something Kai said when I realized Sylvie was too quiet. We moms have this experience pretty much every day. I […] Read more…

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