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cooking prep and meal planning

Meal Planning Basics for Fall + Winter

I’m not a foodie, or a fancy cook, or a wonderful baker. I’m just a person who likes to eat good meals and wishes they would make themselves. Since they don’t, and since I’m really busy, I started planning my meals years ago, as soon as I had my first baby. For those who haven’t […] Read more…

Making Your Home Cozy

Grab a warm drink and get comfy, because today is all about how making our homes cozy for fall and winter. This might just be my favorite link-up topic ever. Today I’m joining Shay to talk about how to create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Creating a nice atmosphere in my home was both easier […] Read more…

All The Best Laundry Tips

Almost everything I know about laundry, I learned from my mom. And in some circles, (okay, mostly among myself and my mother-in-law), she is known as the Queen of Laundry. When I sat down with her to gather all our best laundry tips, she was pretty humble about it all. She tried to argue. “Oh, […] Read more…


How Motherhood Changed Me

Back before I had kids, one of my fears was that motherhood would turn me into a different person. Who I’d be as a mom was such a mystery. Would I let myself go? Would my personality become annoyingly maternal? Would I only listen to songs with titles like Fruit Salad Yummy Yummy? Would I […] Read more…

spring cleaning roundup

Resources for Spring Cleaning Your Home + Your Life

  Today I’m linking up with Shay and Erica for Workin’ it Wednesdays, and we’re coming clean about what we’re doing to get our house in shape this season. *cue nervous laughter* I’ve never been intentional about Spring cleaning. In fact, I felt a sort of rebellious attitude toward it much earlier in my marriage […] Read more…

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