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Two Free Aromatherapy Classes

In case you didn’t know, I’m kind of an essential oils geek. I started with my first bottle of essential oil (hooray for lavender!) about six years ago. I had a lot of questions, and if you’re starting out, I’m sure you do too! I know that learning to use your oils can be overwhelming, […] Read more…

woman writing with her Bible and laptop nearby

All About Planning

I’m ridiculously excited about this post. It all began with the brain fog I experienced this summer. The low-key fun of our unscheduled days started out feeling spontaneous and relaxing, but ended up feeling just plain confusing. It turns out I really need to stay on top of my life even when it’s supposed to be […] Read more…

Summer Staples for the Whole Family

I’m so glad this month’s Girl Chat is all about our staples for the summer. It turns out I’m not very organized about getting ready for the season, so thinking through my list of what we need every year was actually really helpful! I’ll be referring back to this post every spring. 🙂 In case you’re […] Read more…

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